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Industry application of HITORK Electric actuators

Electric actuators are an indispensable part of process industry automation. They control the opening and closing of on-site valves by sending on-off or analog signals from a remote host computer. They are widely used in power, chemical, oil, and natural gas industries.Durable product and timely after-sales service are the significant concerns of customers.In the case of competition among most products with similar qualities, after-sales service is particularly important.Hankun (Beijing) Fluid Control Technology Company Ltd.  is close to users,provides users with excellent productsand protect users' production, which is well received by the market.

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A case in power plant selected the HITORK for long shaft actuators to solve the problem of frequent failure of the actuator located in pit due to long-term moisture, which not only reduces the difficulty of maintenance, but also saves maintenance costs. The customer was very satisfied and and made additional purchase for other system. Hankun was founded in 2007 and has been committed to fluid control products and services.The company focuses on the field of process industry. Technical quality and commercial credit are the cornerstone and wheel that drive the development of our company. The sole criterion to evaluate and highlight our work effect and value is that end-users feel relieved, convenient and satisfied with our products. HITORK Electric Actuator is high intelligent electric actuator independently developed and produced by Hankun. The product is positioned as a substitute for imported electric actuators, and it is reliable, durable, easy to use, cost-effective, and service guaranteed.Welcome to call us or log on to the official website www.hankunfluid.com to discuss cooperation.

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