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The intelligent brake function of HITORK intelligent Electric Actuators

HITORK intelligent Electric Actuator is a highly intelligent electric actuator applied the latest control technology, there are so many  high-Tech such like  self-developed magnetoelectric encoder, Bluetooth communication, bus control and internet of things, especially the function of intelligent brake.

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Mostly when the adjustment is frequently, especially when the adjustment amplitude is small and the stroke is short, electric actuators used for frequent adjustments often lead to insufficient precision and repeated oscillation because of the excessive inertia of motor. This phenomenon is a common problem existing in most brands of electric actuator all over the world.

HITORK intelligent Electric Actuator is a highly intelligent electric actuator. The brake function of it specially developed to solve the above problem: after the HITORK intelligent Electric Actuator is installed on the valve, it can automatically calculate the advance braking amount according to the relationship between the length of the stroke, the amplitude of each adjustment, the load torque and the motor inertia. After installing the HITORK intelligent Electric Actuator, it takes three full strokes to handle complex data, adjust the advance braking amount automatically according to various factors and ensure that the actuator runs in place at one time in order to perfectly solve the problem of repeated oscillation when the electric actuator is frequently adjusted.  

The typical case is in a power plant. The HITORK intelligent Electric Actuator replaces a international brand electric actuator which  is used in the condenser water supply valve, successfully solving the problem of repeated oscillation of the original electric actuator. There are many similar cases as well. It is not the only advantage of HITORK intelligent Electric Actuators. If you have questions and needs on electric actuators, please call Hankun (Beijing) Fluid Control Technology Company Ltd. We focus on the field of fluid control and we will provide you with various fluid control equipment such as pumps, valves, actuators, etc., and professional solutions.

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