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HITORK®Pneumatic Actuators

HPR Series Pinion-and-rack Pneumatic Actuators

> The twin rack pistons are applied with die-cast aluminum hard oxidation or cast steel galvanized treatment, symmetric mounted and has quick operation, long service life and fast operation. User can change the rotation direction by simply reversing the pistons.

> Two independent external travel adjustment bolts can adjust the position at both on and off directions easily and precisely. The adjustment range is ±5°.

> High performance springs,The spring adopts high quality material, after coating treatment, and preload assembly. It has strong corrosion resistance and longer service life. Single action actuators can be disassembled safely and simply to meet different requirements of torque by changing the number of springs.

HPL Series Linear Pneumatic Actuators

> Adjustable travel stop for the rod-retract position,piston bottoms out for the rod-extend position. Specific travel applications please consult us.

> Spring rod nut is locked to prevent unauthorized disassembly of the spring tank.

> Pneumatic cylinder ranges Ø80-Ø320, the material of body is hard anodized aluminum.

> The material of drive rod is carbon steel with chrome plated. Optional material available like stainless steel etc.

HPD Linear Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuators

> Application Versatility - Direct Action & Reverse Action in six sizes are available for an extensive variety of applications. Spring ranges, stroke limits, and manual overrides are available for nearly any control valve application.

> Excellent Linearity Between Loading Pressure and Stroke - A molded diaphragm travels in a deep diaphragm casing, the effective area of the diaphram changes very small, which provides excellent linearity.

> High Thrust Capability - The molded diaphragm and cold stamping case allow high pressure supply and maximum thrust for given diaphragm size.

> Long Service Life-cold punched sheet metal casing cap and ductile iron construction ncreasestability and protection from corrosion and decrease deformation andover-pressurization.

> Reliable Connections - A split block stem connection provides a solid transfer of motion with easy mounting. The absence of linkages helps to avoid losing motions and inaccurate valve positioning.

HPY Series Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuators

> Robust yet lightweight design, totally enclosed weatherproof center-body fabricated in carbon steel or ductile iron to provide an excellent strength. The mechanism of piston and yoke has an advantageous torque output.

> HPY series actuators share a modular construction design. The center body is available in ten sizes. A pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder can be attached to either or both sides. A spring cartridge can also be fitted to either side of the body for ESD (emergency shut down) applications. Modular design of components with replaceable, warehousing and other characteristicscan meet quick delivery time.

> Every HPY actuator is built to provide long and efficient service with minimum maintenance. The design, technology and materials used in their construction ensure optimum performance even in the harshest environments.

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