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Post time: Mar-09-2023

How to deal with valve leakage problem-HIVAL valve

Valve leakage is the problem we need to face, for this problem we also have a good solution, for different parts of the leak we also have different measures.

1.Leakage caused by falling off of closing parts. The closing part is stuck or the connection is damaged, the closing part is not firmly linked or the connecting part material is not chosen properly will lead to the closing part falls off and leads to leakage.
2.Sealing ring connection leakage. Loose rolling of the sealing ring, low welding quality between the sealing ring and the body, loose thread of the sealing ring, screw or corrosion can lead to leakage of the sealing ring connection. Treatment method: The sealing ring is fixed with adhesive at the rolling point, the welding defects should be repaired and re-welded in time, and the corroded and damaged threads and screws should be replaced in time.
3.Valve body and valve cover leakage, some iron casting parts of low quality, poor welding, temperature is too low to cause the valve body is frozen crack, the valve is crushed or damaged and other reasons may lead to valve leakage. Treatment: choose high-quality cast valves, strict welding, low temperature should be prepared for cold, anti collision anti weight;
4.Sealing surface leakage. The sealing surface is not smooth, the connection between the valve stem and the closing parts is suspended or worn, the valve stem is bent or assembled incorrectly, and the sealing surface material is selected improperly, etc., which will cause sealing surface leakage. Processing method: gasket material should be selected according to work requirements, flange and thread joints should be kept a certain distance, clean gasket in time.
5.How to do if the packing place leaks? The packing is corrodes by the medium, or is not resistant to high temperature medium, does not timely check whether the packing is expired, stem deformation, insufficient packing, gland, bolt damage, improper operation and other reasons will lead to leakage of the seasoning. Treatment method: choose suitable for medium packing, packing should be replaced in time, should be regularly checked on the stem, damaged stem should be replaced in time, valve parts should be replaced in time, not too hard when operating.

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