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Hankun brand Since 2007

Hankun brand was founded in 2007 and is committed to become a "respected international fluid control expert". The company independently develops and produces IoT electric actuators,pneumatic actuators,IoT hose pumps,and unattended dosing devices, provides assembly services for valves and actuators. The company's headquartered is in Beijing, with factories located in Shanghai. It also has offices in Guangzhou, Changsha, Chengdu, Xi'an, and other cities in China and professional agents in Canada, Russia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and other countries. Its sales network and service system are sound, providing whole process and considerate service.

Choosing to cooperate with Hankun means you will feel relieved,convenient and happy with our products and service.
Thanks to end-users' trust and through large numbers of domestic on-site service, we have effectively accumulated a lot of technical experience and can exactly understand the real needs of end-users and the market. Based on our own patent research, Hankun has developed HIVAL valve, HITORK series intelligent electric actuators and pneumatic actuators,HIGHPUMP hose pumps and dosing device with the characteristics: durable, easy to use, reliable, cost-effective and service guaranteed.
Professional fluid control solution provider
Hankun Fluid, drawing on the advantages of many brands, independently develops and produces HITORK brand intelligent IoT electric actuators, and builds its own IoT platform, leading the industry with its products.Hitork IoT electric actuators implement product lifecycle tracking management, expert systems, intelligent diagnosis, predictive maintenance alerts, real-time monitoring of WeChat applets, active alarm push, and remote support. At the same time, Hankun Fluid provides customers with assembly services for HITORK actuators and HIVAL valves, addressing the overall needs of customers for valve actuators in a one-stop manner, ensuring smooth equipment commissioning and convenient installation.
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