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Post time: Mar-09-2023

Development trend of electric actuators

As the driving device of the control valve, the electric actuator is the executive part in the industrial automation system. It receives control signals from regulators, DCS, computers and other systems, and adjusts automatically, which affects the performance of the control valves. Therefore, the performance of the electric actuator directly affects the reliability and safety of the entire system, and even relates to the normal operation of the system.

With the rapid development of electronics, information, and network technology, infrared remote technology, self-adaptive, LED screen , local operation, non-intrusive, valve position display and over torque alarm have become the necessary functions of intelligent products. As well as high-end technologies including bus communication, frequency conversion technology, IoT is also applied in electric actuators and will become main technologies in the future.

1. Bus communication

Electric actuators which adopts bus communication have advantages of little auxiliary equipment, easy installation, reliable and convenient maintenance.

2. Frequency conversion technology

With the improvement of frequency conversion technology, this new control technology has been quickly applied to electric actuators.

3. IoT

Along with the global development trend of intelligent and interconnected factories in the future, “Industry 5.0″ fully demonstrates that products urgently need to respond to the growing personalized needs of customers. In fact, most manufacturers believe that “IoT” will be fully popularized in future industrial production. Hankun successfully launched the HITORK® 2.0 series of IoT actuator products. HITORK® electric actuators comply with the industry 5.0 trend, meet the requirements of smart factories, and support IoT communication, remote expert diagnosis system, cloud platform & big data analysis, and self-developed absolute encoder solving the problem of the grating failure of traditional photoelectric encoder and having high accuracy. Hankun has made a pioneering step in the development of front-end technology.

All in all, electric actuators are developing rapidly in the direction of miniaturization, integration, digitization, intelligence, bus and networking. Hankun, which is based on technological innovation,is striving for a broader market with an attitude of excellence and continuous exploration.

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