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Post time: Mar-09-2023

Talking about the development trend of electric actuators

Electric actuators play an important role in modern automated production process and are indispensable to achieve automated manufacturing. People use electric actuators to actuate valves in process industries such as power plants, petrochemical, water treatment, etc.

Since the first electric actuator was invented in 1929, the technology of producing actuators has been developing quickly. In the early 1970s, China introduced actuator technology from Russia. After the 1990s, with the development of modern industrial control computers, the overall comprehensive technical level of Chinese instrumentation industry has risen. Microelectronics and computer technology are widely used in instrumentation products, and electric actuators are becoming intelligent. Intelligent electric actuators have advantages of intelligent control, high protection level, high control accuracy, small size, light weight and excellent stability.

With the improvement of industrial local area network and the rapid development of IoT, bus, intelligence and IoT are the inevitable development trend of electric actuators. 

The bus control system, with its openness and networking, replaces 4-20ma analog control, realizes the remote control of electric actuators and the transmission of status, faults, and parameters and completes remote parameter digitization work. It improves reliability and reduces system and engineering costs.

Intelligence is the current trend of all industrial control equipment. The new high-speed microprocessor will completely replace the electric actuator control unit based on analog electronic devices, realize full digital control, and apply advanced algorithms to turn hardware control into software control in order to replace the old linear control unit.

The rapid development of the Internet of Things technology has made it possible for the remote expert diagnosis system and cloud platform big data analysis of electric actuators. HITORK® Intelligent electric actuator relying on the self-built IoT platform realizes product life-cycle tracking management, expert system, smart diagnosis, predictive maintenance reminder, web and mobile app alarm, and remote support. It is a self-development highly intelligent IoT electric actuator.

It is the inevitable trend that electric actuators are going to be miniaturization, integration, digitization, intelligence, bus and networking. HITORK® intelligent electric actuators have intellectual property, high performance and high quality. Welcome to visit our website: www.hankunfluid.com.

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