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Post time: Mar-07-2024

How to achieve precise dosing?

Dosing devices are widely used in sewage treatment, reactant dosing, catalyst dosing, antiscalant dosing, mineral refining and other fields.

The traditional dosing device has problems such as insufficient dosing, which cannot achieve the treatment effect, or excessive dosing, causing secondary pollution and wasting medicine, complex operation, and prone to human errors.

Hankun Fluid's precision dosing device is optimized and designed based on the traditional dosing device, and combined with the actual application needs of different industries, effectively solving the problem of dosing accuracy.

The advantages are as follows:

High dosing accuracy: A hose pump is used to replace the traditional diaphragm pump as a metering pump, with higher metering accuracy and a fully automatic intelligent control system. According to changes in outlet flow and dosage requirements, the operating frequency of the metering pump can be automatically controlled and the dosage corrected. The flow rate of the damper and the dosing device are accurately matched to ensure a stable flow rate, making the flow meter monitoring data more accurate and reducing the flow error.

Simple operation: The fully automatic intelligent control system has self-developed large model data, which can quickly match the operating time and speed of the dosing device according to different media and different concentrations, without the need for frequent adjustments, making it convenient for customers to operate. The precision dosing system can perform fully automatic monitoring, diagnosis, simulation and feedback on the process through the software platform. The entire process from dispensing to medication is automatically controlled, and switching control is automatically performed when equipment fails. Achieve real-time diagnosis, data analysis, fault prediction and alarm for equipment operation, chemical consumption, water quality monitoring, etc. It is convenient for customers to understand the operating status of equipment in real time, which effectively improves the efficiency of equipment operation and management. Supports PLC running interface operation, and the on-site interaction experience is better.

Strong reliability: The hose pump has the characteristics of preventing medium backflow, so there is no need to add a stop valve, reducing system failure points; it can pass through media with particles and can adapt to more complex working conditions, also has leakage alarm and hose life warning functions, which can predict the hose life and improve system reliability.

Modular design: The precision dosing device adopts a modular design, and its functions can be expanded according to the needs of different working conditions, so that the product can be suitable for more different working conditions while maintaining a high consistency. Important components in the dosing device are also isolated and protected to facilitate later maintenance and replacement. The pipeline system structure of the dosing device is scientific and standardized, which can effectively reduce the eddy current loss in the pipeline.

At present, Hankun Fluid's precision dosing devices are widely used in the dosing systems of thermal power plants and petrochemical plants. Usually the chemical consumption is reduced by about 20%, and the maintenance rate is reduced by about 50%. It effectively helps enterprises achieve the purpose of reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and obtains won unanimous praise from customers.

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